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Information for SI Employers

Ohio BWC SI Newsletter

Policy Page for SI employers

We anticipate our new SI Policy webpage to be available by the end of June, and possibly as early as June 14th. This new SI Policy page will provide a one-stop spot and dashboard to access frequently used offerings, including policy demographic information, coverage status, renewal, SI-40 reporting and invoice details. When you sign in using your e-account, you will land on a new dashboard (see below) with several service offerings, links and helpful information related to your policy. When you complete your annual renewal, you will be able to upload your audited financial reports and excess carrier information. You will also be able to upload the required SI-40 backup report when submitting your annual SI-40 report at the beginning of 2020.

Your current balance, assessment invoices and details, SI-40 report history, claims history and much more will be at your fingertips. We would love to hear from you regarding this new offering. Please let us know what you would like to see on this policy portal page by emailing

E-notice for invoices and other updates

BWC offers you the opportunity to sign up for electronic notifications via email here.  This service allows authorized users to choose electronic delivery for certain communication from BWC. You can also register to receive policy specific notices electronically. While the invoice is the only communication type available now, BWC will add other types in the future.

Users can also select other types of communication they want to receive electronically.. Users can choose to receive BWC updates e.g., eNewsletters, event invites or employers can choose to receive Policy notices.  

BWC updates include two monthly electronic newsletters:

- BWC eNews.

- Provider eNews.

It is important to note that only the primary e-account holder can request to receive policy notices electronically. We will email policy notices only to the email address for the primary e-account holder. If you choose to change the email address to receive the policy notices, you will also change the email address tied to the primary e-account.

When enrolling, it is not complete until you confirm the email address. BWC will send an email to the address you entered with a verification code. You must enter that code within 15 minutes to complete the process. If you do not enter the code within 15 minutes, you must start over.

Self-Insured assessments

BWC will issue self-insured (SI) assessment invoices on July 26, 2019, covering the period from Jan. 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019. The assessments will be based on the 2017 reported compensation. The invoices will be available online as of July 27, 2019, at this link: SI Invoices and you will be able to access them from your dashboard as you sign into your e-account.  Assessment and Disabled Workers Relief Fund  details will also be accessible from your dashboard page.  We encourage you to opt in to receive an e-notification when the invoice is available, in lieu of a paper invoice.

The assessment rates are available here.

Beginning with this invoice cycle, self-insuring employers are required to pay assessments online using BWC’s Online Payment service offering.  OAC 4123-17-32 (J) is a new requirement that will be effective in July 2019. Employers can request a waiver of this requirement by providing a written request with documentation demonstrating why they cannot pay assessments online. The written request must outline reasons why an employer cannot make the payment online and provide supporting documentation or we will not approve the request.  Employer representatives can make payments online for the employer.

When paying assessments, please remember to allow enough time for us to process and post the payment prior to the due date to avoid the late payment penalties. SI employers should pay assessments using an electronic check, automated clearing house transfer or credit card. This will ensure timely payment and provide an audit trail. You can schedule electronic payments in advance to ensure the correct payment date. Using other methods for paying assessments will make challenging late payment penalties more difficult.

Suspended C-92 percentage of permanent partial applications

Prior to Sept. 29, 2017, we suspended C-92 applications if an injured worker failed to appear for a BWC exam without notice. Suspending the application tolls the statute of limitations on these claims, which means there are many claims with C-92 applications pending, dating back many years. BWC is currently contacting employers and injured workers regarding these claims to formally resolve the outstanding C-92 application.

BWC will be asking self-insuring employers to provide the allowed conditions: any information relating to the original C-92 application, medical records which may include diagnostic exams, narrative reports and a First Report of Injury. Also, provide any previous documentation and orders for previous permanent partial disabilities (PPD) awards. If the claim ends in a settlement, the application will not proceed, but we will ask for the settlement documentation. While we recognize the claim file information may not be readily available and an employer may have considered the claim to be beyond the statute of limitations, we ask for a good-faith effort to find the requested documentation.

BWC will also request that the injured worker contact us within 30 days of receipt of the current notification to schedule a new exam. If the injured worker does not respond within the timeframe, we will dismiss the C-92 application. Otherwise, a new examination will be scheduled, and the application will be processed.

For C-92 applications received after Sept. 29, 2017, BWC will dismiss the application if the injured worker fails to appear for the examination without notice.

Upcoming events:

The BWC self-insured department is offering another series of workshops in August, which are available to all self-insuring employers and their representatives. This series will feature panels of injured worker representatives and will focus on relationships and interactions between injured workers and employers for the best interests of everyone involved in the claim process. We look forward to helping employers and injured workers understand each other's point of view. We expect these workshops will assist in developing winning strategies for all parties.

10 a.m. - noon, Tuesday, Aug. 13: (Columbus – OCOSH)

Address:  13430 Yarmouth Drive, Pickerington, Ohio 43147

10 a.m. - noon, Wednesday, Aug. 14: (Cleveland–Garfield Heights Service Office)

Address:  4800 E. 131st St., Garfield Heights, Ohio 44105

10 a.m. - noon, Wednesday, Aug. 21: (Cincinnati Service Office)

Address:  135 Merchant St., Springdale, Ohio 45246

July 26, 2019 - Assessment Invoices issued

Aug. 31, 2019 - Assessment payments due (must use online payment method)

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